Terms and Conditions

1. This is a short-term rental agreement between the owners of the property and the renter.

2. . Guest will be charged for damages by means of tampering with household systems. Breakages and damages, including stains and scratches beyond normal wear and tear, would be deducted. In the event the cost is more than the breakage deposit, an invoice will be made out. All doors need to be closed and locked when leaving for hikes or checking out, due to the nature of the area, baboons can enter when doors are left open and can cause damages, in the event that this does happen, guests will pay the full balance of damages and cleaning. No exceptions will be made.

3. a 50% deposit is required within 24 hours after making a reservation, if no funds have been paid over we will terminate the reservation.

4. Unless otherwise prior agreed to booking, the property may not be used for any purpose other than private rental accommodation.

5. The 50% deposit will not be refunded 30 days prior to check-in if canceled unless otherwise agreed on with the manager. 

6. The Final Balance is to be settled one month / 30days prior check in. 

7. The renter is liable for any damage to property, equipment, or to surrounding fauna and flora incurred by the renter, and or he/she the renters guest

8. The owners of the establishment accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damages to personal property whatsoever.

9. Wood is provided for one evening stay only, the guest is responsible for bringing their own wood for the duration of the stay. If more wood is needed, prior arrangement with the manager is needed.

10. No dogs will be allowed whatsoever. The only dogs on the property are the Manager's dogs. Please refrain from petting them walking past the manager's house they are territorial.  

11. Field Mice are a common sight inside the roofs of houses. We do not put out poison or traps, we are entirely in their nature, if this is a continuous problem with your stay we will try our utmost best to relocate them.

12. Please do not leave trash bags outside cottages or Manor house or around any corner on the farm, this attracts baboons and various other animals. We will discard bags after the guest's stay, for guests staying longer we will clear bags every second day. Compostables can be added to bins supplied and recycled materials eg. Glass and plastics that can be recycled in the bin provided. 

13. Non of the following should be flushed down toilets. Sanitary pads, diapers, face towels (makeup cloths), condoms, hair, or any object other than the purpose it was designed for. If any blockage is detected after guests check-out, the guest will be invoiced for the cost incurred to unblock.

14. The guest is asked to leave the units as they have found them. RE: Please clean dishes upon leaving and tidy up after yourself, do not throw any objects into kitchen drains like veg offcuts, etc. 

15. No furniture to be moved to lawn areas for leisure on the lawn, most or all of our furniture is antiques and should be handled in such away. 

16. Overall respect our farm and all guests, we are part of a conservancy and all fauna and flora, units and old features should be respected. therefore no firearms, pellet guns, ketties, or any dangerous weapons will be permitted. If a safe is needed for firearms, the reception has a gun safe for safekeeping during the stay. No animals will be permitted to be killed or harmed in any way, even the smallest of spiders. Contact the manager to assist with relocating snakes, spiders, or scorpions. Do not handle them on your own and back away slowly in case a snake does enter one of the units.